There are different techniques to find out the size of your finger: 

  1. Head to your local jeweler and have your finger measured (safest method)
  2. Measure the diameter of a ring you already wear:
    ︎︎︎ Take your ruler and measure straight across the inside of the ring from edge to edge to find out the diameter measurement in millimeters of your finger.
    • Measure your finger with a strip of paper:
      ︎︎︎ Cut out a strip of paper, then wrap it around the base of the intended finger. Use a pen to mark where the paper overlaps, then straighten out the the paper and measure it against a ruler in millimeters.


    Measure the intended finger, as size may differ from one hand to another.
    Please consider that the fingers tend to shrink a bit in cold weather and swell a little during hot weather circumstances.
    What's a good fit like? Your ring should slip on easily, but be snug and slightly difficult to remove.

    If you have any doubt, please write me!