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Scuba started up from the synergy between a designer and a photographer whom conceived a new jewel’s collection and a series of pictures tailored to it.
Three concepts lies at the core of this project: the extreme simplicity of the shapes, a limited number of colours or patterns and a strong two-dimensionality.
Scuba collection has heterogeneous origins. The apparent stiffness and immobility of shapes and modules’ flatness of the series is contradicted by the softness and elasticity of the employed material.
However neoprene, even if soft and colourful, is an extremely technical and resistant material. Like a scuba suit wraps and protects a sub during diving, Scuba jewellery aims to be a hieratic pop-inspire shield.
Photographer Elio Germani aimed at valorises the project using its intrinsic concepts: for example while decreasing space volumes, in line with pieces’ properties. Pictures from this series constitute therefore a real human stage for the jewels.

Photography by Elio Germani
Model: Fred Roekens

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