The reconfiguration of existing materials is the dominant methodology for new cultural production of the digital era. Images beget images and beyond both verbal discourse and context, content is often immediately incorporated into a new work.
What defines originality and autonomy in today’s network society? Is context the new content? Starting from these considerations, I decided to playfully mimic these mechanisms: after selecting images of jewellery found on my feed, I blended them together creating new hybrid designs. My digital collages have been then inflated with volume, becoming new wearable jewellery.
Even though tridimensional, the graphic nature of the pieces and the tension between their digital/organic features are still present. The aim of the coating, instead, is to highlight their new identity, ‘erasing’ any association with the pieces they are originated from.
I consider this collection as the outcome given by an infinite e chain of contributors.
Each piece is unique and handmade.

︎Margherita Chinchio is a designer based in Milan. She makes jewelry, objects and set design︎
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