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                                                                                                                                                                                LIFE SOUP SHOW


In this site specific exhibition in the context of Munich Jewellery Week, a wild crew of jewellery artists merge their expansive worlds in a 120m2 presentation. Acrylic, palladium, pearl, silver, sand, stone, silicone, urethane, crystal, copper, titanium and glass are churned into a delightful Life Soup. Jump on in! The primordial soup is just fine!

‘Rising from the miasmic viscera, scrolling on the infinity of imagination, surrounding the forms of sensuality, burning in the boiling depth of volcanoes, crystalising in the depths of a microwave, growing from the experimentation of the lab, verging on the edge of the ethereal, intertwining with the sacral, blooming from the reflections of petroleum, or even crawling through diamond dust; all these vanitases travel through the elements to finally take shape in our vivid world.’

Click here to see the event on the official program and here for the MJW interview+overview featured on Current Obession magazine.