Margherita Chinchio is an Italian multidisciplinary creative based in Milan. She makes jewellery, objects and set design.
All pieces are unique and handcrafted by Margherita in her studio.
She holds a BA from the Jewellery-Linking Bodies Department at Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) and a BA in Costume and Set Design at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (IT). 

For any inquires about work, sales, bespoke pieces, collaborations or interest in a CV, please get in touch via email or instagram.
She loves connecting, sharing know-how and collaborating with other people. Hit her up! :)

“Margherita Chinchio makes beguiling pieces of exquisite
and specific beauty. It’s like Lynda Benglis and David Cronenberg, while taking a break from a trip up a climbing wall in the studio
of Mendini’s Alchimia, became mesmerized by the various,
brightly colored holds, and decided that they should design
a jewelry and object line together”

︎Margherita Chinchio is a designer working between Amsterdam and Milan. She makes jewelry, objects and set design︎ ︎︎ABOUT ︎PRESS ︎︎︎EXHIBITIONS ︎INSTAGRAM ︎PROJECTS: SOTTOSOTTO+STUZZICHI // ONE OFF SERIES // SCROLL SHIMMERS // PELOSONE //
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