Margherita Chinchio is an Italian designer-maker based in Milan.
Her practice spans from jewellery to object and set design and all pieces are unique and handcrafted by Margherita in her studio.
For any inquires about work, sales, bespoke pieces, collaborations or interest in a CV, please get in touch via email or instagram.
She loves connecting, sharing know-how and collaborating with other people. Hit her up! :)

“Margherita Chinchio makes beguiling pieces of exquisite
and specific beauty. It’s like Lynda Benglis and David Cronenberg, while taking a break from a trip up a climbing wall in the studio
of Mendini’s Alchimia, became mesmerized by the various,
brightly colored holds, and decided that they should design
a jewelry and object line together”

︎Margherita Chinchio is a designer based in Milan. She makes jewelry, objects and set design︎
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